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New Service Tickets

New service tickets may be easily created, tracked, and viewed with the IRIDIUM Retail Management Software tool for both items that were sold a specific company and for those items that were not. Invoices may also be generated for service tickets directly from the service ticket screen.

Same or different billing and service location information may be specified on the ticket, depending on the nature of the service request. If a repair item was on a previously generated invoice, detailed information such as invoice number, sale location, sales representative, item type, item number, and text description is automatically added to the service ticket. Text fields for entering specific details on the nature of the problem are added to the screen on the creation date.

Once the repair is specified as an in-shop, on-site, or on-phone repair, it may be assigned to a technician. The technician may then add notes on the repair itself, as well as additional costs for parts that have been ordered to complete the repair. Fields for completing the repair and swapping out items are also available.

Service Ticket Inquiries

Status reports may be generated for all unassigned, assigned, on-hold, completed, cancelled, and commercial service tickets for a specific date range and/or location. These reports may also be printed, as well as be exported to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel formats for electronic formatting and distribution.


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